How to: Files (client)

Everything related to files for clients

Access the files

All the files uploaded for the client will appear in the chat section, in Activity tab. If you're looking for specific files that have been uploaded previously, go to the payment tab and click on the payment that the file is related to.

Download Files

All the files uploaded by the contractor are automatically locked behind customizable payments. The source files will be downloadable once all the payments attached to the project have been completed and paid for.

Files downloadable when project is complete.

If you don't see the download button yet, it means the contractor did not close the project and request final payment yet.


There's 2 ways a client can upload files on Queue:

  • Request files link can be created by the contractor and sent to the client directly.

  • In the Activity tab, you can upload a file using the upload icon next to the chat box at the bottom of the page. Everyone in the project will get notified and will have access to the upload.

Upload files directly in the chat


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