How contracts works on Queue

With Queue, contracts are no longer a nuisance. You can create contracts in seconds by filling in some details and it will generate a locally compliant contract.

Queue contracts allow you to unlock assets for download the moment you receive payment from clients so you never have to take any risk or watermark versions again.

if you're looking to use our contract & payments feature, request access here :

Creating a contract

Creating a contract is very simple and fast! To create one, go to the project you want to bind a contract to and click on the contract tab under the group member list at the top of the page.

Create a contract now by going to the contract tab

Once you're viewing the contract tab,

  1. Choose between milestone, hourly or subscription contract type. Simply select the one that's more relevant for your project.

  2. Register your business information (pre-registered if you've created one before). The business details will be automatically added to your contract.

  3. Depending on which contract type you selected, the next step allows you to organize your work and how you will get paid. View milestone, hourly or subscription for more info.

  4. (optional) If you need to add anything specific, you have the ability to change the days of notice, date for termination of the contract, add attachments and add a special clause to the contract.

  5. Send the signature request to your client

🎉 Congratulations! You created your first contract. You're ready to sign it and start collaborating with your client to deliver the project.

Contract type + Method of payment

Contract types

Each contract type have its own functionality when it comes to getting paid by your clients. View all the methods here :