File delivery

Everything about delivering files on Queue

What is File Delivery?

Files you send to clients are not downloadable if there's a payment on hold related to the file. Once the project is closed and the client pays, it automatically unlocks the download file option.

Sending a final delivery link to a client is like a presentation page that incite the client to pay in order to download the files.

Benefits of Queue's File Delivery

Sending your final delivery files to clients on Queue has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Automatically unlock assets for download the moment you receive payment for them

    • Never take any risk to send files before payments

    • Never watermark versions again

    • Never take any risk to send files before payments

  • Avoid the awkwardness of asking the client to pay

  • Look more professional with a presentation page of all the final files

How to deliver the final files to your client

When you're ready to request the final payment and close the project:

  1. Go to Activity Tab

  2. Click on Upload

  3. Click on Final Delivery at the bottom right of the popup

There, you should be able to upload all the final source files and request the final payment to close the project and let your client download files.

Note that all the unpaid payments left will be requested to your clients before he's able to download the files.