Everything you need to know about Queue notifications

Account notifications

You will be notified of any activity happening in any workspace you're part of via emails or by clicking on the bell at the top right of the page.
If you created a discord account, you will receive notifications both via emails and discord direct messages.

Account notifications settings

The notifications settings tab offers customization for what you want to get notified about. If you created a discord account, you will have access to both email and discord notifications settings. The inline notifications won't be affected by these settings.
Account notifications settings

Inline notifications

Contractor account have inline notifications that are part of the Queue infrastructure and cannot be modified via the notifications settings. Since Queue as a lot of nested organization, we added this to make sure you don't miss any activity in your workspace!
Everyone part of the workspace will receive these notifications whenever there's activity.

Marking unread notifications as read

You can Right click > Mark as read on groups, projects and files to make way for new notifications.
Mark as read to make way for new notifications
Note : Mark as read on groups will read all the notifications inside the group including projects and folders

Red notifications

Whenever someone uploads a new file, you will receive a notification on the group, project, folder and a red NEW icon on the file in project view.
upload notifications on groups and projects

White notifications

Whenever someone comment on a file, there will be white dots left to the group. Projects that have activity in it will be highlighted in white; same for folders. You will also see the number of new comments on the file in project view.
Activity (comment) notifications on group, project and folder.