Account Settings

View and adjust your informations, change username, email address and password.
To access your account settings, click on the icon at the top right corner of the page
Account options
In the settings tab, you are able to upload your profile picture, add your phone number to receive SMS notifications, change your username, email address and password.

Notifications settings

The notifications settings tab offers customization for what you want to get notified about. If you created a discord account, you will have access to both email and discord notifications settings. The inline notifications won't be affected by these settings.
Note : Notifications settings are only for your account and not your workspace. Each and every members or clients have their own notification settings.
For more informations on how notifications works on Queue, Check out our notification section :

Subscription & billings

There is no account subscription. Subscription tab will give you access to the subscription settings of the workspace you're currently viewing.
Note: Subscriptions are bound to workspaces. Only Workspace members have access to the subscription plan.
Check out the workspace notifications information page for more info :