Freelance FAQ


What support will Queue provide?

Once in the network, Queue's support team can help you create a compelling profile & portfolio to help increase your chances at getting a job.

Who do I contract with as a freelancer in Queue's network?

Who is the supply contracting with? what are the contract outlines (responsibilities towards queue, confidentiality, IP transfer/assignment)?

Requirements (Screening Process)

How do I join Queue's network?

You must complete Queue's screening process in order to be invited to join Queue's network.

What does the screening process look like?

It includes several steps, these include: a language and personality screening, an in-depth skill review, live screening, and test projects.

Why do I have to go through screening?

Queue is aiming to attract and source the best of the best. Hence why we're making sure that you have what it takes to be part of Queue's network. We wouldn't feel comfortable presenting a designer who has not passed our screening process.

How long does the process take?

It will vary depending on your skillset and availability. Expect that it takes around 2 weeks or more to complete.



Clients and Jobs

How will I get matched with a job?

You will have access to a board of jobs that matches your expertise and will be able to apply for it. Once we've approved your application, we will put you in contact with the client.

Do I need to bid on jobs?

No. Queue does not use a bidding model.

Can I work on more than one job at a time?

Yes, depending on the size of the job.

Are all Queue clients from the United States?

No, clients are startups from all over the world.

Will I work with other freelancers?

If the project requires more than one freelancer, you might be working with other freelancers.

Can I take a break from client work?

You work in your own terms, as long as there's no on-going project with a client.

I’m interested in a new job but I don’t have the required skill.

The Queue community Discord channel can help connect you with experts across various skill types. It's here to help you grow your freelance skillset.


Does Queue provide Visa sponsorship?

No. Queue does not provide visa sponsorship at this time.