Below is some thoughts from our CEO, Masud Hossain, on the type of culture we want to build here at Queue.


Being part of a startup is similar to what Elon Musk said, it's like eating glass and staring into the abyss. You never know if it'll fail or succeed. But what you can know is your commitment to the end. It takes a special type of person to see it to the end and not give up because it's getting tough. And we're the same way here. We don't think it's time to jump ship whenever KPIs are down or funding rounds are difficult to raise.


Communication is a core principle in Queue. We understand you have things to do outside of Queue and being a remote first company, we give you the flexibility to do them whenever you choose, we just ask that you respond back saying "Doing something atm, will respond in an <estimated time>". Giving proper communication to us, significant others, and even your parents should be something you take to heart. Responding to Questions isn't the only communication you can do. If you have any issues or concerns, leave the passive aggressive behavior in high school and talk to us like adults. Be calm, respectful, and say what problems you have. And when you're on the receiving end, listen first before responding. We're all on the same team and so there's no need to feel attacked or awkward bringing up issues you have.


We want to work with people who are competitive and always sees a way to improve themself. The ones that are able to admit their own weaknesses and then create an actionable plan to overcome it. Execution is important here. Most want to be the best, but very little will execute it. And Q will help you. If you need anything from Queue as a team member to help you grow your skillset, we will do our best to make it happen. DM Masud with your request(s).


Do you know what allows a person to get their work done in half the time? Focus. You'd be surprised at how little focus most of us have when working and the amount of times we go on <insert social media name>. You typically need a REASON for your focus. You can't always pop an amphetamine and expect it to solve all your problems. At Queue, we work as hard as we can because it motivates our peers. There's something intoxicating watching people your respect working very hard. It motivates YOU to do the same. And that also applies for laziness. I highly recommend meditating on a daily basis. It trains your brain to focus more easily. - Masud


At Queue we're trying to help the world launch their independent business doing what they love. We love when people take ownership in what they do and make it their livelihood to optimize it as much as possible. When you take on a project, feature, or product in Queue, we want you to feel ownership of it and understand that you're in charge here. The founders of Queue are just there to make sure we're all headed toward the same mission.