How to: Payments (client)

How to pay for deposits, payments and how to create one

Payments are created by the contractor and are bound to the project. The contractor chooses how he/she wants to structure the project.

Pay invoice

What am I paying for? All the payments are directly linked to the progress of the project. Revisions are automatically counted in the price.

Note: The contractor can setup as many payments as they want, to the project. Revision count is added, per payments, by the contractor. There can be extra cost for additional revisions, to the contractor's discretion.

When a payment is requested from the contractor, you will receive a message in the chat with a pay button, in activity tab. See the image below:

Pay an invoice easily on Queue

Payment Details

If you want to see more details about what you're about to pay for, go to the Payments tab and click on the payment that is requested. You will see a resume of everything related to that payment.

Example of payment resume

Create a payment

To create a payment, click on the ''New payment'' button in the Payments tab. From there, you can set the prices, number of revisions and due date.

Once the payment is created, only the contractor will be able to edit the payment.