Quick start

Quick guide to get you started

Setting up your account

if you're looking to use our contract & payments feature, request access here : https://queue.gg/pages/contracts-payments

  • Sign-up for an account here : https://usequeue.com/signup

  • Follow the step 1 to 4 in order to setup your first workspace. We highly suggest that you invite your team on step 3 to learn Queue together! (You will be able to invite them after as well).

  • Section your workspace with groups for different clients or department within your organization.

  • Create/Rename your first project

  • Upload your media and start collaborating!

For the invitational only :

  • Add your bank account and double-check that it's correct.

  • Create and bind your first contract to your project

  • Send a sign request to your client

  • Go to the milestone tab to upload revisions and start collaborating!

If you're having trouble with any step of the way, check out our product section for more information on specific functionality :