Applying to jobs

Learn how to apply for jobs
Applying for jobs first requires you to be accepted into the marketplace. Once you have access, you can start applying for jobs and sending messages to potential clients.
View jobs

How to apply

To apply for a job, first click on the View Job button (see picture above). From there, you can send your proposal by clicking the Send proposal or send a message using the Live chat button. You will need to fill out important details such as estimated budget for the project, proposal message (don't copy paste here! Make it personal!), and choose similar projects you've done before. You can also send them a message to introduce yourself or follow up with them.
Send a proposal

Getting hired

After you send your proposal, the client can send a message back to you with a revised proposal or to move unto the next step. The next step can be an interview or they can hire you right away. Once hired, a project will be created for the job where you can upload files, share review links, send invoices, and chat with the client.
Project page for a job