How to get approved

To apply for jobs on the marketplace, you must first be approved.
There are a number of requirements we have to be approved to be on the marketplace. And the requirements can be seen as strict due to us denying about 90%+ of all applicants. So please don't take it personal if we do not accept you. The reason could be your profile doesn't have enough high quality portfolio items or that we're capped at how many designers we can accept at your specialization.

Your profile

The first step to being approved is making sure you have a high quality profile that's presentable to potential clients. This means proper grammar, 5+ portfolio items, personal bio, and your services added. You can tell if you've been approved or not by going to your profile page and then viewing the status of it at the top.
Acceptance status
Profile link and status
Portfolio You should also make sure your profile is setup completely to get accepted. Often times, you will be denied and if you setup your profile properly, you may be accepted. It's time consuming, yes, but we added integrations such as Dribbble, Behance, custom links, and more to make that process much faster. Below is a screenshot of an example profile that has proper portfolio items. Notice the high quality presentation.
Services allows you to show what services you offer, example projects, and your rate. This makes it simple and easy for potential clients to know how much you expect to be paid. It also helps you share it with others around the world so they can hire you faster due to how we built it.
About me
About me section should focus on yourself and sound human. Leave the "I am a professional blah blah blah" at home. Make it sound human and get to the point as to why you're a great person to hire. Clients want a human, and not a professional robot.