Free Trial

How do I start a free Trial?

To start the free trial, simply create an account! The free trial allow you to upload 14 files or up to 2GB per workspace.

Do I have to provide a credit card to start a trial?

No credit cards are required to start the trial. Once your trial has expired and you'd like to upgrade you would need to provide your credit card details.

Which features can I use during this free trial?

You can use almost everything on Queue except for the private comments feature, as well as the contract & payment feature.
Click below for more information on our contract & payments feature.

How do I upgrade my workspace?

When you reach about 75% of the free trial upload cap, your limit will appear at the bottom left of the page. Click on it to see our subscription plans.
Free trial upload limit
You can also go to your workspace setting and click on subscription to see the subscription plans.

Can I extend my trial?

We usually don't extend trials. If you have a large organization and you are interested in the business plan and need some more time to onboard your team you can get in touch with us via [email protected] We will go through some requirements first and would be happy to help you!