Start your first project on Queue

What are projects for?

Projects is used to section your work within a group. Its where the contractor will bind contract to his work, upload files and get paid.

Projects is where you also create a payment structure and work with clients. It contains 2 tabs:

Activity tab: All the updates related to the project happens in this tab. This is also where contractor submit work for client to review as well as discuss with the client through a live chat.

Payment tab: Everything that needs to be setup for the project happens in this tab. Setting up deposit and payment, request a payment to your clients or upload files for the final delivery.

Creating a Project

Create a new project by clicking on the (+) plus sign on the left under your group's name.

Click the (+) plus sign to create a new project

After, simply name your project and add the new project to your group 👏

Project Settings

Make changes to your project at any time by clicking on the three dots to the right of the project name

click on the (3) three dots to edit the project

Or, add folders to further organize your project space by clicking on the (+) plus sign next to the three dots.

Note : The delete project option will only be available if you have more than one project in the group.

Archive a project

Coming soon