Review Links

How to share your media with external users

With Queue, sharing a media for anyone to watch or review has never been easier. The receiver don't need an account on Queue to watch, but will need to sign-up to leave comments. Sharing review links is also completely free and unlimited!

There's 2 different way to share your Queue's media :

Click on the Share button on the top right of the page to access the share file menu. There will be two share options as well as the ability to directly invite anyone who access to your file. Simply copy the review link.

You can also right click > share on the file if you're in project view. 🙌

This link is best used to get feedback on your media. Once they open the review link, they'll be able to use all the drawing tools as well as leave comment, if they're logged in.

Menu to share your Queue's media

If you're only looking to share media as view-only, then copy the presentation link. This share link is best used for external clients to present your media.

Sharing as a presentation page is solely to present your images or videos for viewing and/or downloading. If you'd like to get feedback, make sure to copy the review link instead.