Upload Files

Uploading method explained

How to upload

Queue will accept any file uploaded to your Project. We support all websites, video and image types.

No need to compress your media beforehand either. You can upload your largest files and we'll make sure it plays back smoothly when it's ready. Every video file will be converted to MP4 once its done uploading. The storage capacity will be based on your subscription limitations.

There are multiple ways you can upload your files on Queue

Uploading to your team ONLY (no client access) :

For files you want to upload without sending anything to your client yet, upload files directly in a folder.

The easiest way to upload your file(s) on Queue is to drag & drop anywhere on the folder page 🙌

simply drag & drop your file(s)

Or, on the top right of your page, select Upload > File upload > Browse files.

You can also right click anywhere in the main view and select the file upload option! 🔥

Uploading file for client

To upload a file for client, go to your project > Activity tab > Upload

Submit work to client for review

The number of revisions uploaded will be updated automatically everytime you upload something new. You can upload a file without adding to the revision count by uploading in the paymentless section.

Uploading & Presenting Final Delivery

Always in the Activity tab, you can upload your final delivery files by clicking on Upload > Final Delivery > Upload.

The final files won't be accessible to the client until you ''close the project and request payments" that is within the Final Delivery menu.

Client won't be able to download the final files until he paid the remaining amount attached to the project.