Uploading method explained

How to upload

Queue will accept any live website or file uploaded to your Project. We support all websites, video and image types.
No need to compress your media beforehand either. You can upload your largest files and we'll make sure it plays back smoothly when it's ready. Every video file will be converted to MP4 once it's done uploading. The storage capacity will be based on your subscription limitations.
If you've built a website with a live url like https://example.com then you can submit a review request. Choose Website link under the upload button and you can share a link that allows others to leave comments on the website.
Reviewing https://stripe.com website

File uploads

The easiest way to upload your file(s) on Queue is to drag & drop anywhere on the folder page
Upload video, image, excel, pdf, and raw files.

Blank canvas

Blank canvas allows you to draw freely on a canvas for wireframing or expressing your ideas visually. We recommend always creating a canvas to storyboard or wireframe your ideas.
Blank canvas demo