Timestamped Comments

Understand timestamped comments
With Queue's timestamped comments, you can leave accurate feedback on every files. Go to that specific time in your video, pause it for the time of commenting and when you submit it, it'll be saved to that time in the video.
When clicking on comments or video markers, it leads you to the exact time the comment was made, so you know exactly what your client or teammate means.
Example of video markers created when commenting

Drawings attached to comments

To attach a drawing to a comment, simply draw on the video at a specific time and all the drawings will be attached to the comments when submitting it.
Drawing attached to comments
If you're reviewing in real-time, both your drawings and other user's drawings will be attached to your comment.

Private comments

Private comments allow you to give feedback between you and other workspace members only. Collaborators or clients won't see it.
This feature is only available to subscribed workspaces. If you're part of a subscribed workspace, simply turn on the private box next to the submit button at the bottom right corner before submitting your comment.

Edit comments

You can edit comments you've made at all times by hovering over your comment and clicking on the (3) three dots > edit or delete
Note : You can only edit or delete your own comment.
Edit comment menu