Website review

With Queue's website reviewer, you are able to collaborate on any url link (webflow, shopify, etc..) with your team and clients. It lets you get accurate feedback with pinned comments.
We also support figma links incase you like to present your figma design before creating the website!

How website reviewing works

When you upload an url, you are able to open it and collaborate with your team or clients. Queue provides the tools to optimize your experience with pinned comments and a way to solve comments as you go through them!
Once uploaded, click anywhere on the website to leave a pinned comment (make sure you have the comment option selected).
Leave pinned comment anywhere on the website
To share a review link, simply click on the share button within the file room to share it to your client or team. For more info on review links, view the link section down below


To modify the settings related to the upload, click on the (3) three dots while in project view. For more information, go to the page below