Setup your first workspace on Queue

What is a workspace ?

Workspace is a home for you and your team. Invite members and separate your work in multiple groups for different clients or department. Workspaces will appear at the bottom left of the page. You can create up to 2 workspaces.

Setting up your workspace

To change your workspace settings or create a new workspace, click on the circle on the bottom left corner. This dropdown menu gives you access to your workspace member list, invite your team, subscribe, adjust your settings and even integrate with multiple apps.
Once you're done, you can start organizing your workspace by creating groups for different clients or department within your organization. Create projects, collaborate and more!

Workspace subscription and storage limit

Queue's subscription plans
Storage limit : Every new workspace has a free 2GB or 14 files storage limit. Past that, the storage capacity will be based on your subscription limitations. If you're subscribed, you get 250GB for free and the file limit becomes unlimited. A fee of $10 per month will be added for every additional 250GB of storage.

Workspace FAQ

Will my clients have access to my workspace?

Collaborating with clients is as easy as sending them a review link. They won't have access to anything within your workspace, only the file/website upload you sent them. If you want to invite a member of your team, you have to invite them to your workspace as workspace members.

Can I assign roles to my workspace team?

Roles are something that we plan on adding in the future. For now, the only roles are Collaborators and Workspace members. For more info on roles, click the link below